Transformative Leadership


We know that somewhere amongst the constant updated spread sheets, the endless ping of outlook telling you you need to be here by then that sometimes the human side of leadership can get overlooked…

The price of prioritising process over people can be detrimental to both your teams morale and the opportunity of growth.

Ultimately we believe that winning the hearts and igniting the passion of the people in your business create a true competitive advantage for any company. Our Leadership Journeys focus on how you as a CEO, Director or HR Director can effect positive change in both yourselves, your company and your teams.

We've identified the most impactful leadership traits and our development programmes a cover a wide variety of topics including:-

You and Your Leadership Legacy

Understand your own leadership style. Learn the power of challenging your own beliefs. Gain vital management insights such as the power of a positive mind set.

Management Principles and Styles

How does your management style effect your team? How do you create an authentic culture people buy in to? How can you build an environment people love to work in? All will be revealed!

High Level Leadership Communication

The basis of any great leader is their ability to communicate with openess, clarity and understanding. We use the latest learning technolgy Lumina Spark to assess four balanced domains of leadership. Leading with Drive, Leading to Deliver, Leading through People and Leading with Vision. This Leader Portrait provides personalised information and feedback to support leadership development in a group and one on one context.

Structure and Organisational Development

How the business structure and process can help or hinder progress. How to ensure employees, systems and processes are working as efficiently as possible. The incredible power of employee engagement.

Goal setting & Motivating KPI’s

Find out how to inspire, engage and get the most out of your people. We work on performance coaching and understanding how to create winning teams. The psychology behind human performance in the workplace.

Self-Development and Wellbeing

Explore ‘The seven habits of highly effective people’. Balance work life and home life. Tools and techniques for managing pressure. Understanding the power of positivity.

The Imagine IF Action & Coaching Plan

Turning information into action. Practising tools and techniques and commitment to positive change.