Our team

We are trained and experienced in human behaviour and performance coaching. Delivering experiential learning and facilitation to thousands of people. Our unique approach and learning is designed for each clients and their specific needs. Our development programmes are as individual as you are. Whether it’s an change management programme or transformative leadership academy that truly shapes the future of your company, Imagine If will bring it to life for you and ensure the change is actioned, ensuring LONG TERM, POSITIVE change.


Sharon Green


Sharon began her career working advertising and communications. She accidentally tripped into the world of Learning and Development when asked to coach and onboard new team members.

It was during this time that her fascination for people and the way humans work together, grew. As a result she studied performance psychology, personality profiling and Neuro linguistic programming and become a Business Coach with the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Latterly, she worked at The Guardian Media Group in L&D where she set up the organisations training and employee branding, She facilitated the transformation to a Human Workplace. A culture that encouraged employees to step out of their comfort zones and gave them the freedom to experiment and explore new ways of working and developing.

Since then Sharon has been a pioneer for positive change in the world of work. Her programmes have been credited by National Broadcasting Training Awards and her successive development of practical and effective sales, culture and leadership programmes continue to positively influence people behind the job titles. She is an accredited Lumina Spark Trainer, specialising in team culture and performance.

She is the author of The Human Workplace Manifesto™ a fresh approach for a new and better corporate world where everyone wins. Her belief is that we can change the world of work for good!

She has spoken at conferences about how “Freedom to Fail is key to success in business” and has coached hundreds of individuals during her established career.Originally from the UK, Sharon has lived in Spain, Greece and now lives in Stockholm, Sweden with her wife.




Nick has worked with a wealth of organisations across Europe, specialising in helping fast growth entrepreneurial businesses harness their potential, manage and grow talent and build out strong pioneering cultures that drive success and growth. He has a good soul and dry sense of humour and is interested in people for their own sake, an attribute he uses in personal as well as c-level executive coaching.

He brings a wealth of hands-on training and consulting experience, as well as and operational skills. As a lifelong learner, he’s a later-life Law graduate from the University Brighton and is completing a part-time Masters in International Relations at IBEI in Barcelona.

Nick believes that magic is possible through mass action and is building out his visions and thoughts as @thesustainabilist. He enjoys country walks and can be found enjoying a cold beer either on the beach in Spain or in a country pub in Devon. Nick splits his time living and loving life between Sitges (Barcelona) and Bampton (Devon)in the UK.




Antoine began his career working in Human Resources, specialising in Recruitment and Employment Branding.

He’s a specialist in creating engagement and motivation in the workplace and has worked in a management consultancy capacity, effecting change and transformation within the IT and Telecommunications industries.

Since he arrived in Sweden in January 2017, following his wife transferred in Stockholm for a work opportunity, he never stopped being passionate and working on employees’ engagement in France and in Sweden in his different assignments.

He is specialised in Change Management and coaching and is PROSCI Certified.
Antoine believes in the power of “collective intelligence” to change and transform the world and that collaboration and kindness are key.

He enjoys surfing, traveling, hanging out with his family and friends. You will usually find him with his headset on listening to all types of music. Originally from France, Antoine has lived in China, in the UAE and now lives in Stockholm, Sweden with his wife and son.”