Painting by numbers? – Why it’s time to stop to managing the process and start motivating your people


Managing the Process v Motivating your people

Loads of businesses have gone through or are adapting to the glorious age of digital disruption. Millions nay billions of dollars  have been spent on upgrading computer systems, installing fancy CRM programmes or Sales effectiveness  processes that measure and monitor every minutae.


No-one can argue that it’s crucial for every business to embrace these changes but when it’s all over,  when the dust has settled and the system is in place, your people understand the process, the KPI’s are evaluated monthly, weekly or even hourly, what then?

It’s easy as a manager to spend time ensuring that the systems are filled in but this narrow approach can be damaging to growth.


Do you remember the painting by numbers books when you were a kid?

It didn’t matter whether you drew in paint pencil or drew outside the lines, ultimately we’d all draw the same picture in the end. We were forced to join to the dots or the numbers. The outcome would always be a mermaid sitting on a rock (my particular favourite). But what happens to the Van Goghs or the Dali’s in your business, the true talent that aspires to be better?

They need recognition, time, flexibility and coaching if they are to grow. The numbers of course are necessary but should not be the be all and end all of a manager/employee relationship. In fact they should be just the start.

This people focused approach pays dividends for employee performance, business growth and enhances your customers experience of doing business with you.  All leading to higher staff and client retention and ultimately profit.

Get in touch to find out how your business can create a Human focused Coaching Culture that creates high engagement & winning teams 


Sharon is an accomplished inspiring coach, programme designer, conference speaker and a passionate campaigner for human centred business cultures. With a successful career in Learning and Development and positive transformation, she has designed Award winning Sales and Leadership academies, developed employee brands and created the “Coaching Culture model” for change. 

She creates and delivers her own insightful sessions and works with clients on a 1-2-1, team and an organisational level. Sharon is passionate about building courageous cultures that encourage innovation and authenticity, and helping people in their quest to be the best they can be. She believes that companies need to create a WOW environment with meaning and purpose and that freedom to fail in any business is the key to success




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