Creativity comes in many complex forms. But at its heart, it's simply about coming up with brilliant ideas.

Ideas inspire clients, they create learning, exploration and fresh thinking.

You need ideas to help market the organisation you work for. Ideas ultimately generate innovation in business, the driver behind long term success and differentiation in todays digital business age.

We believe the secret to innovation is creating work environments where there is "FREEDOM TO FAIL". The value to taking risk and creating rebel thinking that allows to you create and explore new !

Coming up with Ideas and being "creative" is often seen as something of a dark art. You’re either creative or you’re not. Which couldn’t be further from the truth.

We're passionate about driving Creativity and Innovation in business by helping you understand our "purple cow" philosophy. Our courses are designed to enhance and maximize this powerful skill. We’ll get to the heart of a few crucial questions such as "Where do ideas come from?" and ask "how do we come up with more of them?"-  We'll explore the magic of the human mind and set you free from the cage of the mundane mindset.

We’ll challenge your organisation to change and coach your teams to achieve their potential.

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