Change Coaching


The beating heart of a successful business? Happy, well-trained people who love what they do...

Sales has long been the beating heart of any company, without it most businesses would have no future. Yet many new start ups and organisations have no formal Sales training or processes and that's where we can help.

A great deal of our training involves getting people inspired about what they do. Of course, having a team of fist-pumping, go-getting individuals is all well and good. But they also need to know the hard and fast techniques of the industry they’re in.

If they don’t, all that excess passion and energy is doing nothing more than burning calories.

Sales is fundamentally about relationships with other humans. It's about trust, communication and giving clients solutions rather than just selling products. In a world where time is limited and information is overwhelming we must bring value and insights to the table if we expect attention and time from our connections.

We do two very important things:-

1. Give people the desire to succeed.

2. The tools to make success happen.

Our company is devoted to creating positive change within your organisation and the people in it. We've created a human focused sales system called "Insight 360" that focuses on creating long term high value relationships with clients. We'll cover all aspects from Communications to Creating the right Solution that creates a human focused, sustainable process for any company. We have a set of Sales Management tools to help imbed the process that's really simple to use.

We follow a 6 step process with our clients that gets results.